Rappelling is a part of mountaineering or rock climbing where a person is able to descend a rock face or overhang quickly. It is a means of descent used to get down from climbs where simple lowering won't work. This is an essential skill of climbing - you have to know how to get down before you go up.

While rappelling is a quick and convenient way to get down from heights, it is also dangerous and should be approached with caution. Rappelling must be done carefully, and those participating should know a variety of techniques, including the ability to add friction, and safety back-ups.

Enjoy a private rappelling class featuring heights ranging from 20 to 50 feet. The towers provide spectacular views of the Ohio River and River Valley. You can start out at 20 feet to learn the basics and then move to the 35 foot level to continue to master your newly acquire skills. When you are ready you can move to the 50 foot platform to enjoy the thrill of descending the rope from that height.

Topics covered during the class:

  • Equipment familiarization and review
  • Equipment inspection
  • Backing up your partner (Belaying)